Parent Groups

St. John's has a close, caring community of parents who are very involved in school life. New families are helped to settle in to school life and the wider community thanks to our wonderful Welcome Committee. We encourage new parents to actively participate in the many activities of the Lion's Pride parent teacher programme, which includes the Visual & Performing Arts Support Programme and the Athletic Booster Programme.

Parent Organisations


Parent Teacher Programme


The Lion's Pride parent teacher programme (PTP) plays a vital role in the life of the St. John’s school community by:

  • Acting as a forum for direct dialogue between the parents, teachers and administrators at the school. Regular PTP meetings provide the opportunity for its members to voice their opinions, make suggestions and pose questions about school life.
  • Providing useful information to newcomers. The PTP’s Welcome Committee helps new parents and teachers by offering practical information to ease the process of integration into life in Belgium and holding coffee mornings and other social events to encourage more contacts between St. John’s families, old and new. The Welcome Committee also organises field trips to help new parents and teachers discover Belgium.
  • Supporting families in need of emotional or practical assistance. The PTP’s Family Support Group helps families who encounter difficulties or need special support, for example, in the event of illness or the hospitalisation of a family member.
  • Organising informal, fun events throughout the school year. The PTP encourages members to get acquainted with other families and cultures by organising events like the International Festival, Family Day, the Christmas Boutique and Garage Sale, all of which contribute to the family atmosphere at St. John’s.
  • Raising funds to support improvement projects at the school and to help selected external charities. The funds raised by the PTP are used for projects that contribute to and enhance the educational and pastoral experience of the school, such as participation in the Global Issues Network Conference in Geneva.


The Visual and Performing Arts Support Programme


The Visual and Performing Arts Support Programme (ASP) consists of a group of volunteer parents and faculty members who support, promote, and celebrate the visual and performing arts at St. John’s through initiatives such as:

  • Providing food and refreshments at the school’s art gallery, which hosts several annual art exhibitions. 
  • Helping with props, costumes, make-up, sets, music, tickets for productions at the state-of-the-art Performing Arts Centre, not to mention serving at the bar when necessary! 
  • Occasional Fundraisers, which benefit charities as well as helping to fund the visual and performing arts needs of the school.


The Athletic Booster Programme


The Athletic Booster Programme at St. John’s promotes interest in, and support for, St. John’s Interscholastic Sports, through:

  • Recognising and encouraging the spirit of sportsmanship on and off the fields of play.
  • Offering hospitality to visiting athletes.
  • Sponsoring projects for improvement or replacement of athletic equipment, and supplementing funds to help finance athletic programmes.


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