Colegio San Patricio Toledo recognised as Google Reference School

International School, San Patricio Toledo, was recently selected by Google for Education as a Google Reference School. It is the first and only school in Castilla la Mancha, Spain, to achieve the honour. This was accomplished through a dedicated collective effort of the school’s management and teaching teams, as well as motivated and enthusiastic students.

Google for Education is an integrated set of digital tools from Google designed to host and distribute digital documents, communication and collaboration through cloud-based technology. Schools are recognised by Google for their outstanding use of this technology to drive positive learning outcomes. Each school has agreed to host visitors on-site to share advice, tips and to host events.

The hallmark is only given to schools that demonstrate a high level of involvement in the use of technology throughout the school environment.

The school had to go through a rigorous evaluation process to prove the integration of technology in all facets of learning. Two accredited Google trainers assisted the school in obtaining its prestigious status, namely Rafael Lillo and Iñaki Hernández, who is also certified as a Google Innovator.

The fact that IS San Patricio Toledo students work with Chromebooks was an element that assisted in the selection. In addition, a high percentage of school management and teaching staff have achieved Google Educator 1 and 2 status by undergoing evaluations.

After receiving the requested documentation, a Google Education committee evaluated the school’s advancements to bestow the honour. IS San Patricio Toledo is now thoroughly committed and motivated to integrate technology and innovation throughout the learning process.