Cambridge College Lima open an Early Learning School

The establishment of an Early Learning School at Cambridge College Lima has been anticipated for quite some time. Its goal was realised in March of this year, which marks a phenomenal milestone. The project has been a prominent point of discussion for the surrounding community, and many gathered to celebrate the launch of the new school. The prospective students will benefit from outstanding tuition and will receive extensive learning opportunities. This learning environment incorporates the ideals of Reggio Emilia, as these are the principles upon which Cambridge College Lima was founded.

Parents reported that they were fascinated by the novel facilities and commented on the fact that every detail of the school has been considered for its ability to inspire learning. Cambridge College Lima has sought to create an environment that will support and inspire children. The materials available to students have been carefully considered for their respective purposes. Other members of the Cambridge College community have expressed their delight by commenting on the nurturing atmosphere of the school in which children feel secure to explore and learn. The educational philosophy of Cambridge College Lima is founded upon a dedication to excellence in every aspect of the education process.