Inspired Education Director Publishes Groundbreaking Book

Clarissa Farr, Inspired Education Director, has written a book titled: The Making of Her: Why School Matters. HarperCollins will release the book on the 22nd of August 2019. The book is a personal account of an extraordinary career and a provocative look at the state of the nation’s education system and what needs to change.

Farr describes her groundbreaking book as follows: “It is about leadership, about the methods I developed for steering an exceptionally individualistic ship - St Paul’s Girls’ School - between the various clashing rocks of a modern international city. It is also about the lives of the young women who sailed with me and how they might be given the best chance to fulfill their extraordinary potential in the future. It steps into the shoes of parents and teachers, the better to understand how together, wherever in the world we find ourselves, we can make school the best it can be.”

Farr’s book started out as “a series of little stories. Something would happen at school, and I would think: that’s interesting, or funny, or sad. So I began writing them down. Why was everyone so fascinated by what it was like leading [a] school? I realised it was because in adulthood, people usually see school through the lens of their own education: happy, sad, successful, disappointing, exciting or boring, our own schooldays shape what we are and influence our attitudes as parents, teachers or newspaper columnists.”

Farr has pursued a varied career in British and International schools with the last eleven as High Mistress of St Paul’s, the leading academic girls’ school in the UK. A regular thought-leader and commentator in the media on matters of education and public policy, Clarissa’s particular interests lie in leadership development and the education of girls. She is the Founder of Dads4Daughters, an internationally recognised campaign to engage fathers of girls actively in the promotion of workplace equality.