Reddford House Blue Hills students excel in public speaking and sporting events

One of the tasks of any good educator is to equip students with the skills and courage to face their fears and overcome challenges. Many of us, young and old alike, suffer from Glossophobia – the fear of public speaking. Teachers at Reddford House Blue Hills launched a classroom campaign to help students work through their anxiety and fears relating to public speaking. Public Speaking now forms part of the Grade 8 and Grade 9 syllabus to intentionally help overcome the fear and improve skills in class.

Five individual speakers (Grade 8 – 12) and 12 public speaking teams competed over the course of the second term in two of the biggest public speaking festivals in the Gauteng province in South Africa. The team managed to achieve multiple A and A+ accolades. The greatest success story is that of Mpumelelo Zincume (Grade 8) who was placed second in the Junior division of the Gauteng Public Speaking Festival.

Reddford House Blue Hills enjoys the annual Inter-Reddford Winter Sport Festival. The event is a competition between the three Reddford House Schools. It is a very positive and constructive event that fosters teamwork, collaboration and a healthy sense of competition.

The three schools, and the event itself, have grown so much that in 2019 the event was split into two parts: a College and a Preparatory sports festival. All netball and soccer players from all three schools, 80 netball players and 130 soccer players, played 84 games over the course of two days. The Netball College and Preparatory Trophies were awarded to Reddford House Blue Hills, and they hope to reclaim the much-contested football trophies next year from Reddford House Northcliff and Reddford House The Hills.