Lewis Hamilton surprises students from British School of Bahrain

Eight students from Year 3 and Year 6 at the British School of Bahrain were recently given an incredible opportunity by Formula One legend Lewis Hamilton. Thursday 28th March marked the start of the much-anticipated Bahrain leg of the Formula 1 Grand Prix. This year the spectators would witness sporting history and, for these eight lucky student fans, this day would become a lifelong memory.

The unsuspecting group had sent a message of support to the Lewis Hamilton Mercedes Team, wishing the students good luck. Unbeknownst to them, Hamilton, Mercedes Bahrain and Al Haddad Motors devised a plan to make their wildest dreams come true. The students were whisked off to the Bahrain International Circuit where they not only met with Hamilton himself, but were also given a detailed tour of the Formula 1 garage. They experienced the busy working environment of the garage and learned about parts of a Formula 1 car, including the specific controls of the steering wheel.

The group observed the dedication required to win this type of event.

Additionally, they were educated on the safety procedures that are put into place by the specialists who support F1 drivers. This opportunity left the students in a state of awe about the importance of science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEAM). They discussed the current challenges posed to the Formula 1 team as well as their hopes for the future, including how to create processes that are environmentally friendly and sustainable.

At the British School of Bahrain, students are taught STEAM subjects from Year 5 all the way through to A level. One of the accompanying teachers from the school commented, “Formula 1 is a combination of high-tech engineering, passion, sportsmanship and resilience”. The students could see this firsthand from the Mercedes team and from the tour of their garage.

The group agreed that meeting Lewis Hamilton in person was without a doubt the most exciting aspect of the tour. He was described as dedicated and remarkably kind – a legend indeed.