St. George’s Supporting Elite Athletes with their Sports Academy

Excellence in both academics and sports is achievable at St. George’s International School. Our Sports Academy programme provides students with a well-balanced structure between the development of particular talents and academic life. This programme allows them to maintain robust academic standards but also offers time zones when students can concentrate on their sport on and off the school premises.

Middle and senior school students may take advantage of the elite sports flexible timetable, dedicated sports coaches and specialists. Working with Golf-Fit Performance Centre has allowed our students to gain in-depth knowledge of the mental and nutritional needs in sports. Billy Karageorgakis, the director of the Golf-Fit Performance Centre, closely mentors our students. With his extensive experience as a professional athlete and captain of the Swiss National Golf team, our students have a unique opportunity to learn from him.

Audrey, Year 11, has been in the programme for a year, and she confirms that being a part of the programme allowed her to practise golf regularly and at a higher level while becoming more organised to maintain good grades.

Christopher, Year 8, stated that the nutritional and mental lectures provided by the programme helped him prepare for competitions and deal with pressure in Ice Hockey. The independent study time has given him extra time to catch up on his academic work.

We launched our dynamic Sport Elite programme last year, and it has been a huge success for the students who are a part of the programme.