Reddam House Durbanville have further cemented their reputation for academic excellence, after claiming a host of accolades at the “Outstanding Cambridge Learner Awards”, following the announcement of the November 2017 examination results. The awards are issued by Cambridge International in recognition of exceptional student achievements around the world and have seen the school distinguish itself on a global stage.

At Advanced Subsidiary Level (Grade 12 final school results), Reddam House Durbanville placed top in the world for Mathematics, while in chemistry, Music and Art & Design, the school was placed top in South Africa. At Advanced Level, the school claimed top in South Africa awards for Mathematics and Music – these achievements are a testament to the unique quality of the Reddam House educational ethos, which sets students apart at a national and international level.

“At Reddam House we seek to widen the global horizons of our students. By creating a nurturing environment that recognises each child’s unique potential, and drawing on international best practices, derived from our global network of schools, we aim to instil a true love of learning in each student”, commented Sheena Crawford-Kempster, Managing Director of Reddam House for the Western Cape.

As an extension of the school’s unique educational offering, Reddam House Durbanville will be launching premium boarding facilities in 2019 at their Clara Anna Fontein Campus. These modern facilities will continue to ensure the values of a good academic ethic, while providing a supportive community, enabling each student to achieve their very best – be that academically, in sport or in the creative and performing arts.