Nehanda Peguillan (Grade 11) is a student and ballet dancer from Reddford House Northcliff.

Having recently competed in the South African International Ballet Competition in Cape Town, she has turned the heads of the international ballet community. She represented South Africa and France, performing two ballet variations and a contemporary dance item. Her phenomenal talent led to her being awarded a scholarship to the Annarella Sanchez Private Conservatory in Portugal, and another scholarship to the Berlin State Ballet School in Germany. Over and above that, she was awarded a Judge's Award to study in Latvia.

In March, Nehanda competed in the Advanced One RAD Bursary. She performed ballet variations and a contemporary dance and walked away as the overall winner.

Having initially specialised in gymnastics, Nehanda discovered a love for ballet at the age of 12, at which stage she started attending a performing arts school. Now a Reddford House Student, Nehanda’s passion and talent have grown from strength to strength. The school offers art, music, dance and drama from Stage 5 (5 years old) to Grade 9 as part of the curriculum. The students can then choose to take any of these as subjects to Matric if they so wish. Reddford House also offers art, music, dance and drama after school as extra murals.

“So what are Nehanda’s future plans?”, you may be asking. She is currently looking towards attending summer schools in Germany and Portugal later this year. She will then will move her focus towards maintaining outstanding matric results.