Leah Parry (11) loves to act, dance, sing and play music. As a little girl, she could echo complicated melodies and lyrics in perfect pitch after hearing them just once or twice and demonstrated an exceptional aptitude for music. It was for this reason that Umhlanga College, renowned for their outstanding music department, was selected as the best possible school for Leah. Leah began violin and singing lessons at the tender age of 7 and has since expanded her repertoire to include the piano and ukelele as well.

Today, Leah serves as concertmaster of the Reddam House Umhlanga Senior Primary Orchestra and is one of the youngest members of the KwaZulu Natal Youth Orchestra. She has completed her ABRSM Grade 6 examination for violin, as well as Trinity Grade 5 Singing (both Rock & Pop and Classical) and ABRSM Grade 5 Music Theory, amongst a host of exams for ballet, tap and acrobatic dance. She will play her first piano exam later this year and also compete in the South African Championships of Acrobatic Dance.

Leah’s acting skills have been widely recognised, and her role as Marta Von Trapp in Ralph Lawson’s lauded production of ‘The Sound of Music’, staged in The Playhouse Opera Theatre during the 2016 festive season, further serves as an indication of her unique talent – but this was just the start. In December 2017, Leah was featured in Aaron McIlroy's production of 'Captain Redbeard & Jeff'. In April 2018, she competed in the national finals of the South African Championships of Performing Arts and won gold and silver medals in the fields of drama, dance and music (singing and violin). She was invited to compete internationally in Los Angeles as a representative of South Africa in both dance and music. In May 2018, Leah was honoured to be showcased as one of the province's most high potential rising talents, performing a solo song accompanied by the KwaZulu Natal Philharmonic Orchestra, to a packed audience.

In addition to her passion for the performing arts, Leah has a special love of animals - particularly the family cat, Madison. She hopes to one day work as both a veterinarian and musician.