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18 November 2019

Inspired’s 45,000 Students to Gain Access to Crimson’s Global World Leading College Counselling Services and Technology Platform

November 14, 2019: Inspired, the leading global premium schools group operating in Europe, Asia-Pacific, Africa, the Middle East, and Latin America, today announced a far-reaching partnership with edtech startup and global leader in supporting students to gain admission into the world’s best universities such as Harvard, Stanford and Oxford, Crimson Education.  Inspired educates 45,000 students in premium schools around the world offering a fresh and contemporary approach to education by re-evaluating traditional teaching methods and curricula, and creating a more dynamic, relevant and powerful educational model.

The partnership includes a collaboration with Inspired’s 64 schools across 5 continents, including the International School of Europe schools in Italy, King’s College schools in Spain, Panama and Latvia, the Reddam House group of schools in South Africa, the UK and Australia and the ACG Education schools in New Zealand and Asia. Further, the agreement unites two world leading education groups dedicated to providing their students with the very best instructors and learning tools the evolving edtech marketplace has to offer.

The combined power of Crimson’s proven track record in supporting students in gaining admission to the Ivy League, Oxford and Cambridge at four times the global admission rate, and Inspired’s reputation as a leader in private school excellence, was described by Crimson CEO Jamie Beaton as a unique and landscape shifting opportunity. 

“Inspired and Crimson share an aligned vision in supporting students to reach the world's best universities,” said Mr Beaton. “Crimson has had substantial private interest from students from the Inspired group so far, and this partnership is a natural extension of that.”

As part of the partnership, Crimson will provide all Inspired students free access to the Crimson App while Inspired parents will have access to Crimson’s services at a discounted partnership level. The partnership will provide opportunities to the Inspired community on a number of levels: 

  • Inspired parents having access to Crimson’s world leading university admissions support services at subsidised rates.
  • Inspired school counsellors having full visibility into the student’s university application progress, so that they might track that student’s roadmap and complement their efforts at school.
  • The supercharging of a student’s results both in the classroom and on the university admissions stage with Crimson’s tutors and mentors complementing their chosen subjects at school.
  • The availability of Crimson’s proprietary technology to Inspired school counsellors enabling them to message a student’s Crimson tutors directly and work in seamless collaboration to optimise student success.

“We are excited to join forces with Inspired school counsellors who, through the Crimson App, will have full visibility over their students and their application roadmap, standardised test scores, target school lists, extracurriculars and more,” said Mr Beaton. 

Inspired Founder, Chairman & CEO, Nadim Nsouli, stated: “Inspired schools pride themselves on setting a new standard in private education with a dedication to excellence permeating every aspect of the school experience. Crimson’s highly innovative, technologically advanced, individualised and holistic approach to the university application process will only add to the differentiated Inspired school offering.

“As a group of schools dedicated to setting up each and every one of our students for a lifetime of success, we look forward to providing our students the opportunity to further strengthen their chances of getting into the best global universities.”

About Crimson

Since its 2013 founding in Auckland, New Zealand, Crimson has maintained and built upon its mission to level the world top university admissions playing field. In six years alone, the company has helped its students secure 193 offers to the Ivy League, 59 to Oxford or Cambridge, 400+ to the UK Top 25, and US $65M in financial aid and scholarships.

Crimson employs over 2400 tutors and consultants who are currently based at, or are graduates from top-ranked universities including: Harvard, Oxford, MIT, Yale, Cambridge, Princeton and Stanford. The company also boasts mentors and instructors who are former Ivy League, Oxbridge and World Top 20 university teachers, professors and PhDs. Visit Crimson at

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