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11 July 2017

London, July 11, 2017 - Inspired, a leading operator of premium schools in Europe, Australia, Africa and Latin America, is proud to announce its outstanding Italian schools’ International Baccalaureate (IB) Diploma results. Inspired’s Italian schools have not only outperformed global averages, but also continue to set new standards in international academic excellence.

International School of Europe Modena (IS Modena) celebrates its first ever IB Diploma results which exceeded all expectations, achieving a 100 percent pass rate with an average overall mark of 36 (out of a maximum of 45 points). This is particularly noteworthy as the global IB Diploma average is 30 points. One IS Modena student, who has been at the school since Transition (age 4) through to Grade 13, succeeded in attaining the rarest prize of all, a maximum 45 out of 45 points – a truly remarkable achievement matched by only 200 candidates worldwide. This student also achieved an A grade in both his Extended Essay and Theory of Knowledge. ​

International School of Europe Milan (IS Milan) continues to be the school in Italy with the highest number of students graduating from the IB’s Diploma Programme each year. Furthermore, the school has once again maintained its exceptional record for academic achievement with 75 IB Diploma graduates, a 100 percent pass rate, an average grade of 35 and one in three students achieving more than 38 points. In addition, two students achieved a near-perfect score of 44 points. IS Milan has been running the IB Diploma exams for over 30 years and has been achieving an average grade of 35 and above since 2010, a consistency of achievement that has enabled students to access the universities of their choice world-wide.

Louis School Milan (SLS), is set to maintain its status as the top-ranking IB school in Continental Europe for the 3rd year in a row with an average score of 37 (36.7) out of 45 (the global IB Diploma average is 30 points). 45 percent of the large 50 student mixed ability cohort scored 38 points or more which places them all in the top ten percent globally. Several students attained the high score of 42/43 with one student achieving 44 points. Over 100 students have now completed the IB Diploma at SLS with a 100 percent pass rate and three years of top results, including an incredible 25 percent of students attaining 40-45 points. Again, this year students have gained admission to the world’s best universities in the US, UK, Italy and elsewhere.

Nadim M Nsouli, Chairman and Founder of Inspired, writes “These excellent results are testament to the remarkable teachers and exceptional educational environment provided by Inspired’s schools in Italy and across the globe. Inspired is a leading operator of premium schools in Europe, Australia, Africa and Latin America, with over 18,000 students in 27 premium schools and five Early Learning Schools. Through this extensive network, Inspired is able to share international best practice across the group to achieve academic excellence while inspiring well-rounded global citizens – the formula for success at university and competitive entry into the world of work.”

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